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March 26, 2010
By OBEYENDS BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
OBEYENDS BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
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In the book the dumbest generation, I think that the author gives a lot of good points and some bad points at the same time. In the chapter “NO MORE CULTURE WARRIORS”, the author talks about our generation staying in an adolescent state of mind for the rest of our lives if we don’t change.
99% of schools in the United States have computers and 66% use them for a classroom instruction. In 1999 63% of teachers used computers for evaluating curriculum materials. That number spiked to just over 80% in the year 2000. None the less some of his points were good. I felt this way because I know a lot of kids who do spend tons of time in front of a television or a computer monitor. Now most people would know when to quit being in front of a screen but… some people don’t and frankly I’m not too surprised. I think that in many ways technology has helped us. But what is such a big deal about that!? Why does Mark Bauerlein have to complain about that?
This book is only about his opinion and maybe some lame studies that he cannot back up! Most of his facts seem inaccurate and foolish. I know for a fact I do not spend more than maybe if not less than 4 hours a week with any screen time. And I know that there are individuals that do spend maybe more than 15 hours a week or more. But that seems to be a small amount of people.
I on a personal level think that this book will only be good for someone who needs help with controlling their time while watching the T.V. or playing their favorite video game. I know that there 74.2 % of united states citizens are internet users but I think that the percentage of people that abuse the privilege will be a lot less if you could figure out the statistics. But please, Mark, cut us some slack! You’re getting way bent out of shape over something so small and not even a big deal. So what if we are going more electronic and expanding and maybe making things easier? Is that so bad… I mean honestly do you really feel that everyone is going to get gradually dumber or maybe lack more effort or brains? Nothing you can say is going to take me away from my cell phone. I’m sorry, but you aren’t fooling me! So in essence thanks, but no thanks!
Some of Marks good points are that screen time can cause laziness and obesity. The United States Department of Health and Human Resources says that “53 % of 8-18 year olds said that their parents had not set any limits on T.V. time. 63 % said that rules were usually enforced. So screen time can be bad in some ways because I know that when I usually like to watch T.V., I will want have a snack. Sometimes that can turn into obesity if you don’t work out or in other words don’t limit your screen time either it being a T.V., computer or any other electronic devise.
So in conclusion Mark may have had his good moments and his bad ones with this book [The Dumbest Generation or Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30] I think that this book can only apply to some people and is more of a confusing mess to someone who doesn’t happen to spend a lot of time surfing the web or watching their T.V. This book is a good thing and also a bad thing to some. But in all, this book was very interesting. It may be boring at some times… but I think it can help change for the better when applied correctly.

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^^= other statistics on American teachers having computers for basic instruction and in the classroom to assist. 90% of teachers have had computer training. 1999-2000 stats. This is a great source!

Copyright © 2001 - 2010, Miniwatts Marketing Group. All rights reserved worldwide. = 74.2% statistic on Americans. = 53 % of kids 8-18 statistics. This is also a great source for research!

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i read the book and dissagreed with it

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