Lirael (The Abhorsen Trilogy, #2) by Garth Nix

April 10, 2010
By bookcrazy PLATINUM, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
bookcrazy PLATINUM, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
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Lirael builds onto Garth Nix’s fascinating world and introduces two important characters, Lirael (Daughter of the Clayr) and Sameth (son of Sabriel and Touchstone). The story goes back and forth between these two until they meet coincidentally in their mission to save Nicholas and stop the necromancer from unleashing a great evil.

I admit that most of the first half of the book drags. Even though it was interesting to learn more about another magic blood line, the Clayr, and meet new characters like the Disreputable Dog, this part slowed down my reading. At times I could relate to Lirael’s and Sam’s self doubt, but I was often annoyed by their repetitive whining. But fortunately, the last 200 pages make up for that. There was no closing the book once I started this part. The troubles brewing in the Old Kingdom started to feel real. Instead of being far off and distant like in the beginning, the rising conflicts felt urgent or present as the main characters dealt with them firsthand. The book ends with a chilling to-be-continued note that hints even more danger and adventure for the last book of the trilogy. So make sure you have Abhorsen next to you once you finish Lirael; you will need it.

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