The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

April 5, 2010
By Riley Barry BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
Riley Barry BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
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Wilson and Jane have been married for thirty years, share three kids together, and share a comfortable life with one another. Although they look like the ideal couple to most, their marriage is in deep trouble. Wilson is a hard working estate lawyer, and Jane is a stay at home mom/homemaker. Although family should come first, Wilson buries himself in his work and has missed games, parties, and family outings because of this.

As if their marriage wasn’t having enough problems, Wilson shamelessly forgets his twenty-ninth wedding anniversary. He becomes certain he is loosing Jane when she goes to stay with their son, Joseph, in New York for a few weeks. He visits Noah, Jane’s father, to seek advice on how to help get his marriage back on track. Noah reveals why he read the Notebook to his wife for all those years; to make them fall in love with one another all over again. Wilson realizes what he must do in order to save his marriage. He comes up with a yearlong plan to rebuild his marriage and make Jane fall in love with him all over again.

When their thirtieth wedding anniversary starts to near, Wilson’s oldest daughter, Anna, announces her engagement to her long time boyfriend and says she will be getting married on her parent’s wedding anniversary. Anna is set on a simple and small wedding, but Jane wants Anna to have the wedding that she, herself, never got to have.

As the entire family focuses and helps with the wedding plans, Wilson ensures that his plan to win his wife’s love back will be a success. He asks friends and family to help him put together a special album showcasing all the memories that he and Jane have had over the past thirty years together and all of the things he loves about Jane.

Everything comes together perfectly; Jane and Anna are able to create the wedding of both of their dreams at Noah’s refurbished home thanks to the help of Wilson. During the hectic wedding week, Jane and Wilson become closer with each day that passes. Will they recapture the love they once shared or will this be the end of their marriage?

This sequel to The Notebook (story of Noah and Allie) is a story about love and getting second chances. The Wedding is a gripping read if you like romantic novels. The novel, itself, is woven between the characters’ past memories and suspenseful surprises of their present lives together. Though seeing Noah as a senior citizen and Allie no longer alive is a shock, readers will appreciate The Wedding as Nicholas Sparks is at his romantic best with this novel.

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