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   Cynthia Voigt is the author of many books other than Izzy, Willy-Nilly. She wrote Building Blocks, which received the 1984 School Library Journal Best Book Award and Dicey's Song, which won the Newberry Medal in 1983.

Izzy, Willy-Nilly is a compelling book that shows the devastating effects of drunk driving. Isobel (Izzy) Lingard is an ordinary 15-year-old cheerleader. She has many friends and a caring family. But the worst mistake of Izzy's life is accepting a date with Marco. He is a year older and the first senior to ask her out. At the party, Marco has too much to drink and on the way home he crashes into a tree. Marco is barely injured, while Izzy is crippled for life.

Izzy's whole life changes after the accident. Her friends rarely visit her or bother to talk to her. Izzy's younger sister is jealous of all the attention she receives, and worst of all, Izzy just wants to wish it all away. It's hard dealing with and accepting such a traumatic accident that changes your life forever.

This is a painful look at reality. I think that every teenager who reads this book will be moved by its penetrating story. I give it HHHH.

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