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   M.E. Kerr writes in what I call a subdued way - her characters seem far off and mellow though they are usually always the narrators of the story. Fell is about a guy named John Fell. A neighbor offers to send him to an exclusive boarding school called Gardner, if he will give up his name and identity and become the neighbor's son, "Ping" Pingree. Fell will get paid $20,000 for attending Gardner, and if he is accepted into an exclusive, privileged (and what unveils to be a sinister club) at Gardner called "Sevens," he will receive $10,000 more.

I liked this book, and would recommend it to anyone because there is an amount of suspense to it. It is also a funny story, a sad story, a love story, and a murder story, all wrapped up in one. At times, though, it can be confusing, and it seemed a bit rushed. If you like this book, there is another book called Fell Back that is a sequel to Fell.

The book's character, Fell, is a normal teenager who is thrown into extraordinary circumstances by mere chance (a big theme). I was especially intriqued by the holiness, magic and high power of the Sevens club, and the way they chose their members.

I loved this book! It's great for all people to read because M.E. Kerr combines so many different things into one lovely book. n

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