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   I just read The President's Daughter by Ellen Emerson White. It's a really great book. It's not a magnificent work of literature, and you probably couldn't read it for a school book report. Yet, it's a terrific book to read for fun and it even makes you think a little (which isn't so bad). After reading this book, you can easily imagine having a woman president in the United States within ten years.

The book tells the story of the sixteen-year-old daughter of the first woman president. Over several months, Meghan's life turns upside-down. There are reporters with cameras everywhere she goes. All of a sudden everyone at school wants to be her best friend. Her teachers want her to write special presentations on what it feels like to be the daughter of the president. The trouble is, Meghan isn't sure herself. She is a very shy person, and all of a sudden the whole nation is watching her and her family.

She has very mixed feelings about her mother. She is very proud of her elegant mother, but Meghan feels like she has nothing in common with her. Also, running for the presidency takes up a lot of her mother's energy and time.

Somehow though, it's easy to understand what Meghan is feeling, even if your mother isn't the president. n

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i love this !


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