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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

March 26, 2010
By ThomasB BRONZE, Ashford, West Virginia
ThomasB BRONZE, Ashford, West Virginia
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It is the time of the year when the 12 Districts have to choose a boy and a girl to play in a survival game called “The Hunger Games”. When Katniss’ sister is called she goes in her place! Along with the boy from her district (District 12), they must enter the Hunger Games with 22 other contestants and only one must survive. The plot is very well-designed and some very dramatic parts are scattered out within it. The intended audience is both boys and girls of about 12 and up.
Description and summary of main points
This being because there is a mix of action and some romance here and there. With the romance staying at a minimum until the end (I don’t want to say too much and spoil it). I could never put this book down. The protagonist is Katniss, a girl from District 12 who spends her day hunting and caring for her family. When Reaping Time comes near she begins to worry about the chances about her or her sister, Prim, getting picked. When they everybody from District 12 are waiting around to see who gets picked the tension rises substantially, then they called Prim’s name. Katniss immediately, and without thinking volunteers to take her place! She and the boy from 12, Peeta, are shipped to the capital district to be prepared for the Games. Katniss must overcome many obstacles that the Hunger Games throw at her in order to survive
With the setting in a time of turmoil for the replacement of the United States, it’s chilling to think that this could really happen to our country. Katniss must care for her family since her father died in a mining accident. The style is first person, which was a good choice, since it makes you feel like you’re really there. The action mixed with the romance give this book a very broad intended audience. The violence shouldn’t be too much for people 12 and up, so your child should be fine there. I do strongly suggest the book, even for adults.

In conclusion, The Hunger Games is a very good book intended for an audience of boys and girls ages 12 and up. It has a very blended mix of action and romance. Suzanne Collins has also made two sequels to the book that I have not yet read. From highly toxic, hallucinating bee poison, to shooting fireballs, she fights through it all. Will she survive? Read and find out!
Your final review
The Hunger Games gets five stars from me. I would suggest you make sure your child is okay with a little vivid violence here and there. This book is just amazing.

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