The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

March 24, 2010
By Sierra Jiran BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
Sierra Jiran BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
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Have you ever hid something from everyone you knew and not let anyone ever get close to you? That's Taylor McAden. His whole life, he has never told anyone the real story about him or his secret and when his past girlfriends tried to find out, he shut them out of his life and moved on. Little did he know that he was going to fall in love with the woman of his dreams who may just make him bend until he snaps.
It all started the night that Taylor saved Denise's son, Kyle. Denise and Kyle were in a car crash and while Denise was unconcious, Kyle wandered out to the nearby swamp during a terrible storm. Taylor and the rest of the fire rescue crew searched for hours and because Taylor acted on instinct since he was a skilled hunter. Taylor rescued Kyle and brought him safely back to his mom.
Denise didn't know how to repay Taylor, so one day when they ran into each other, she invited him over. When she saw how great he was with Kyle, and how Kyle adored him, she fell in love. Their love grew into a beautiful relationship and everything was great until Taylor just stopped trying when he was asked if he was thinking about marrying Denise.
Everything went downhill from there, especially when Taylor's best friend Mitch, died in a fire after Taylor tried to go in and save him. Soon, Taylor just shuts himself away from everyone because he couldn't save his best friend when Taylor is the one who needs to be saved.
Who can save Taylor from himself? Find out and read "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks.

The author's comments:
Nicholas Sparks books are so good and i get lost in reading them and never want to stop!

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