Worldwalk MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


by Steven Newman

Have you ever wanted to get outand see the world around you? To head off across America and the world, throughbustling cities and silent forests? Well, if you did, you're not alone. In hisbook Worldwalk, Steven Newman straps on a backpack and walks off into the unknownon an incredible four-year, fifteen-thousand mile trek across the globe. Whetherbeing attacked on a lonely country road by bandits in the dead of night, orjoining opal miners in their pursuit of gems, Steven Newman never fails toentertain and surprise the reader. His reason for the journey is simple enoughand one that all have experienced at one time or another: to explore anddiscover.

This is a terrific book for all readers who want to view theworld through the eyes of someone who has seen it.

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i love this !


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