Red Storm Rising MAG

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   Red Storm Rising

by Tom Clancy

One of Russia's most crucialeconomic and natural resources, oil, has just been drastically reduced. A groupof Muslims entered the main refinery in Western Siberia - the Russians' biggestrefinery. After killing everyone there, they opened all the valves which burstall the oil pipes. Oil spilled all over the refinery and also where the pipes runone mile away. A track skidded on the oil on one of the surrounding streets andtipped over. All it took was one spark. This damaging fire would, in time,cripple the economy if the Russians didn't act fast. They chose instead ofbargaining for some of the American oil in the Middle East to wage war with NATO.The plan was perfect: just stall NATO in Europe and when they weren't looking,they would just go in and take the Middle East. Call it a maskirovka...

Soit began a potential World War. The Russians have taken over an American AirForce base in Keflavik, Iceland. This, at the time, seemed a relatively smalladvance to both sides (considering the amount of fighting going on in EasternEurope). But in retrospect to the Americans, it could be a matter of life anddeath for the merchant ships carrying much needed fuel and ammunition to NATO inEurope.

Both sides also have nuclear arms. This adds yet another dimensionto the deadly game of bluff. Russia, meanwhile has more problems than it canhandle. The headstrong Politburo is pushing the military beyond their limits.This results in the climactic shift in power - a revolution within the Kremlinwalls.

From tank battles in Eastern Europe to sub fights in the NorthAtlantic to air combat over Iceland, Red Storm Rising has hard-hitting action onevery page.

Clancy has created a frighteningly real scenario that willleave you wondering if it could really happen.

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