Crocodile Tears

March 17, 2010
By Anonymous

“He had agreed to walk into the lions’ den, so he could hardly complain when he got scratched.” (pg. 122). Alex Rider is a fourteen year old MI6 spy. He was recruited to do this work because his father and uncle were spies for MI6 too. He didn’t want to do it but he was good and to get what he wanted he had to do it for them.

Alex lives with his American house keeper named Jack Starbright. He goes to “Brookland Private School,” in which he burned down the science wing a few years back. Alex had been recruited for the eighth time to spy on a person named “Desmond McCain”, a former boxer and criminal. He started a well-known charity named “First Aid”, it is well known because it is mostly the first on the scene when something major happens, so it earns millions of dollars because of the name it has built itself. Desmond is using all the extra money that he earns for bad uses’. Desmond and Alex have meet twice before on accident and because of this Desmond decided to kidnap him because he thought Alex was a threat to finding out what he was doing that was bad. He took Alex to his “Sumba river camp in Kenya” and decided to tell him his plan and kill him and no one would ever find out what happened to him…

My opinion of this book is that it was very well written and it was action-packed and full of excitement. The reason that it was a well written book is because it was very detailed and it would put an image of what was happening without even having to think about it.

Anthony Horowitz has written many novels, including eight Alex Rider series books, and about ten others. He grew up in England in a rich family. While growing up he loved the James Bond movies and those inspired him to make his own spy character.

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