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   The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas is a gallant adventure that intertwines action with romance and intrigue that compels you to want to know what will happen next. The hero is a young Gascon nobleman named D'Artagnan. He is not yet 20 and sets off for Paris hoping to join the Musketeers, the bodyguards of the King. On his first day, he is challenged to a duel by three strangers. Being a Gascon, he never refuses, so challenges all three. After all three strangers, who are in truth the best of friends and part of the Musketeers see that they are fighting the same opponent, they decline to fight in personal duels.

D'Artagnan falls in love multiple times and makes an enemy with an evilness equal to Satan. After becoming a Musketeer, the quartet of friends must stop an evil mistress, sent from the Cardinal, from carrying out a diabolical plan to ruin the reputation of the King. Dumas presents a world of gallantry and honor that earns The Three Musketeers its reputation as the most thrilling adventure novel ever written. .

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