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   In a long tradition of terrifying and suspenseful novels comes Stephen King's Insomnia. Insomnia takes a look at spouse abuse and abortion as only the master of horror can see them.

The story follows an unlikely hero named Ralph Roberts. Ralph, a widowed man in his early seventies, slowly slips into a level of consciousness unperceived by normal humans. A step up on the plane to the "All-timers," Ralph sees good and evil in a new dimension. With the help of a second love and three unusual friends, Ralph sets out to conquer evil in his home town of Derry, Maine, a town that's used to strange occurrences of evil. Like most Stephen King books, this novel has a story within a story. It ties in with past King novels, further creating a real world within the pages.

This extremely suspenseful novel will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning pages for hours. To any Stephen King fan, this book will not disappoint. A thrilling, gripping, heart-pounding ride, this book does not let up for a moment. Be prepared never to sleep again

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