A Long Fatal Love Chase MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   This book was written in a time when, if published, it would have destroyed the author's reputation. For this reason, and perhaps others which we may never know, this wonderfully well-written book was not published until 1995.

The main character, Rosamond Vivian, marries a man who promises to take her away from her dark and lonesome life. But she doesn't know that this will also lead her to a life more lonely and dark than ever before. Her first few years of marriage are everything he promised, if not more. Until one day she discovers that she is a victim of classic bigamy. He is obsessed with winning her back, only she can never forgive such a betrayal. From there, the chase begins. She runs around the world. She runs everywhere from convents to asylums and even fakes her own death.

A Long Fatal Love Chase concludes with a shocking and unexpected twist. This book is so powerfully refreshing that it reveals the true meaning of dreams and freedom hidden inside us all

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i love this !


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