To live again by lauren McDaniel

March 3, 2010
The book is about a seven teen year old girl who has had many tragedies in her life. When she was thirteen she was diagnosed with leukemia. Then her brother named Rob gave her bone marrow. I would suggest that older teens and adult read this book, because of all of her struggles in her life.
Over all this book is a really good book. It’s exciting and keeps you wonting to read it. It’s a book that’s got a lot of tragedies. People could relate to this book, with past problems.

As a senior in high school Dawn had a stroke, but it wasn’t just any kind of stroke it was a brain stroke. It took them a few days to figure out what caused it. Half of Dawns body was paralyzed. Dawn could not even talk. She was very frustrated.
Dawn was weak from all the pain. At first they thought her cancer was coming back. After a few days of work she was ready to try to move her body. The doctor said” if you don’t try to move your body them you’re going to hurt more.
The main part of the book was Dawns tragedies. Rob, Katie, Rhonda, and the rest of her family supported her. I think the Theme is her struggle to live. The stroke took place at Dawns school. The author of the book was creative. She put a lot of problems in the book.
Dawn had a lot of problems. She had leukemia and a stroke. She pulled threw the cancer and is trying to get through the stroke. Dawn is a very strong girl. She’s had a very hard life.
I think this book should be for teen agers and adults. Cause of all the problems. Dawn is trying really hard, Even though she is paralyzed. This is a very good book. The writer was creative. She had a really good style.

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