Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake

March 2, 2010
By Abnet Elias BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Abnet Elias BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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The book Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake is a great book. Raspberry, the main character, life changed after her mom and dad divorced now she faces a challenge to get out her mom and herself out of the street. Raspberry, won’t give until she finds a house. Money Hungry is one of the Coretta Scott King awards and it is a book that you can read.
Money Hungry is a very interesting book to read. Raspberry thirteen years old and her mother had been living on a street! Raspberry can no longer take it, living on the junk street. So her mom decided to find a job and hoped they can live in a project or in a house one day. Raspberry, also wanted to help her mom, she sold pens, pencils and even cleaned old peoples’ house. They actually got too lived in a project, but they had to leave the project, because they kept throwing trash out the window. But it wasn’t too late till they went back to the street, because a good friend of Raspberry had a nice place where Raspberry and her mom can live in. And now Raspberry does not need to worry. The novel Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake is interesting and fun book to read.

Sharon G. Flake is one of my favorite authors so far. I only read one of her books and it was awesome. Well no one told me to read it, but the author kind of did, because while I read the back of the book, it sounded interesting. So, if you like fun books and if your favorite genre is realistic fiction then I guess you should read this book.

Well when I finished reading this book I thought this book has a theme that is general. Its theme is to be educated to finish collage, find a job and live better. The book has a great general message especially the theme is for students, because the students are the one that are educated and have a chance to find a job to live better.

In conclusion, Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake is a great book. Even if, Raspberry’s, life changes after her mom and dad divorces she won’t give up until she finds a place where she and her mom can live in peace. Money Hungry is a great book that I recommend you to read. So, go ahead and start reading the book.

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