Marvelous World: Olivion's Favorites by Troy Cle

March 1, 2010
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Louis Proof collapsed in front of his uncle’s store. Cyndi Chase fell without warning to the polished floor of her kitchen. Devon Alexander did not return from his attic, where he was looking for something his sister would like. All three children are in a marvelous world named Midlandia. Each have a destiny, one that could end up any which way, and could decide the very future of existence. This small introduction into a story that will amaze you beyond belief shows the extent of the writing of Troy Cle. I recommend Marvelous World: Olivion’s Favorites, part of a fantastic series, to anyone looking for a great read.

In case you’re wondering why you should read this particular book, here’s a preview of the writing piece that will entertain you for hours on end. To start off, Louis Proof, Cyndi Chase, and Devon Alexander all were unexpectedly transported to a realm where everything is an unimaginable wonder. A magical place named Midlandia. As soon as the three children get there, an unknown force separates them, and each one is sent into their own adventure. Louis is confronted by a group of oppressive Midlandians, Cyndi comes face-to-face with another, but Devon is luckily met by peaceful inhabitants. A single warrior, Perilynn, manages to become their friend, bring the three together, and set out with them on a journey to Olivion’s Gate. Who knows what could happen, or whether they will reach their destination or not? The rest of this unfinished tale is continued in Marvelous World : Olivion’s Favorites!

The book Marvelous World : Olivion’s Favorites, or just Olivion’s Favorites for short, is not your usual run-of-the-mill book. Every single chapter is packed with action, as if the author, Troy Cle, deliberately stuffed the whole book with drama. Although the writing can be confusing at times, all of the book will have you already trying to anticipate the next page. The visual details are brilliant, extremely descriptive, and make you feel like you’re actually there. Hues of red, blue, and green will flash through your mind as the book takes you on a simulated trip past cities in the sky, and rushing waterfalls crashing sideways through grim gray mountains. The writing style in this book is very interesting, and merits a high rating for the effort clearly put in by the author.

With all the good feed back for a book, the must also be criticism for the author’s work. Although I loved Olivion’s Favorites, there are some parts of the writing that Troy Cle could fix up. First, the writing is confusing at times, with a random, unidentified character narrating parts of the book. The thing that irked me about the narration is that it is often corny, and the reader cannot tell who is speaking. Also, although Olivion’s Favorites may have been an exciting read, the overall storyline was not unique. The main things that kept me interested were the visual details and the occasional interesting actions by the characters. Lastly, there is a lot to be said about Troy Cle’s writing style. To clarify, this is not an extremely bad thing, but the way Troy Cle writes has a weird feeling to it, as if you’re reading a piece by an inexperienced writer. Yes, Olivion’s Favorites definitely has its faults, but this book has a good side to it too. In conclusion, the overall rating for Olivion’s Favorites is a good one.

To finalize this review, I’d like to repeat that I recommend Olivion’s Favorites, which is awesomely exciting, to anyone who wants to read fantasy at its greatest extent. Every page is a cliffhanger, leading into the next one. Betrayals, plots, schemes, and battles are great to write about, but only the best of authors can include them all in one book! Troy Cle, author of the Marvelous World series, and a new favorite author of mine, has created a masterpiece with Marvelous World: Olivion’s Favorites!

7 out of a possible 10

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