the bully by PAUL LANGAN

March 1, 2010
By elo5599 BRONZE, Cambridge, MA, Massachusetts
elo5599 BRONZE, Cambridge, MA, Massachusetts
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Jamming your mouth, robbing you, jetting out of sight that’s the way of the bully. Harold, the friend of Darrell, is always sick. Also alone in this world with fear eating his insides, till he’s nothing. When you gaze at this book your eyes will sparkle like the stars. The Bully, an explosion of action in you very eyes, for you the wonderful readers.

Darrell, the skinny kid, stood up to bulling. Why shouldn’t we to do that? Besides just sitting around and singing “ every thing going to be all right”. That does make every thing all right. For example my opinion on this book is that this book is great. It’s great because it tells what you all ready face in real life. When you read this book it explains to you how to face does things. So read the book and let me know what you think about it and if it’s good or not.

The sadness for Darrell a weak playful kid who has to face bullying every cause of his size. Also Malik, big and tall, kid who is his friend. Amberlynn, a peaceful girl, who Darrell likes. Harold, a new kid, who likes Darrell. Rodney, the animal, also known as the bully. Although Darrell wants to get a girl, but their isn’t any left he can get.

I recommend this book to people who like reading realistic fiction books. Although the book cool, but you should read it. You can run jump, and bounce away you always come back to read this. Also this book is magnificent to read it. So get off of you couch and I recommend you to read this book.

Although the bully is just a book, as soon as you read it you’ll fall in love. The Bully, adventure and excitement, and giving bright ideas to the readers. So jump on the wind and let the wind take you to the book. You need to read it, it will can your mind and give you ideas and change your life.

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