Blood Is Thicker by Paul Langan

March 1, 2010
“ Boy you better shut your mouth “ Savon exclaimed “Oh, so now your gonna threaten me, right ?” Hakeem challenged his frustrations at the past months events fueling his anger. “ You haven’t done anything except dis me since I got here. Go ahead hit me “he goaded shoving Savon back away from his face. “ That’s it !” Savon barked, charging Hakeem like an enraged lion. This is a short clip from the book Blood Is Thicker By Paul Langan. Paul Langan is an award winning Arthur for his amazing teen drama books. Most of his books can relate to young teens in life, its not just a story it makes you want to speak out and show you’re self when you read one of his books.

This Book Blood Is Thicker is about a young teen-age boy who moves from California to Detroit with his cousin Savon. He’s not too happy about the move because he has to leave his girlfriend Darcy behind and all of his friends. Overall the move wasn’t that bad, until he saw his cousin Savon. That’s were it all began, the look in there eyes were like fighting words.

When I first picked up the book Blood Is Thicker I knew it had to be a good book, because it sounds like a teen drama and those are my favorite kinds of books. Also, when I started to read it I loved it. It’s just like my life at the Peabody School. But, what I learned in this book was blood is thicker than water. As in family should always come first in everything. Therefore, this book taught me a great lesson, and this is one of the things in liked in this book.

The tone of this book is amazing, and really different from different books. Why? Because most books can be boring and slow, but not Paul Langan’s books there really interesting and jump right in to action. As soon as you read the first page or the summary on the back of the book it grabs you in. Also, the authors writing style is great. It’s like your having a conversation with someone right in front of you. This is why Blood Is Thicker is one of my favorite books.

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