Autobiography of my dead brother by Walter dean Myers

March 1, 2010
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Just imagine sitting on a stoop with you friends. In a blink of an eye a vehicle appears. The sun gleams off metal then gunshots pierce the air and you dash for cover. This is one of the action packed scenes from The Autobiography of my Dead Brother. The plot is great and is stunning in the detail factor. In that case this book, a incredible story of life, should be read by any reader. Now lets get on with the review.

The story is a very in depth book, my favorite is how realistic it is. In that case, it is probably the best feature in this book. A second thing is the characters actions. They act and react to situations so life like they seem to be real at times. The story line also has a good flow with a balance of action, drama, and sadness. The book runs on the issues that appear within the story, but sometimes it is what Jesse sees or thinks. All in all that is that are the good features of the book.

Sadly this book is not all prefect. The big hold put down is the overdose on sadness. Jesse sometimes has his happy moments like everybody sadly, As soon as that happens two sad moments come into the picture they shatter the good moment. The other bad feature is the slow start. This is a big fall for this book. The book has its brake in the start and zooms later on. So if you tried to read this book before and quit please start over again.

In my thoughts I think that the book has strong positives, yet the negatives damage it hard. The book is great yet, the slow start will hurt the chances of a reader wanting to read it. I have to say that the book is powerful overall but lacks that lure in like I said before. Still the deep plot gets very good later on. Also in the book the drawings Made by Jesse are fantastic. read on to see my parting words.

In conclusion my final verdict is as solid 80%. This book I would highly suggest to realistic fiction readers. Stick with it if you are reading it. Trust me action will come. SO STOP READING THIS AND READ THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MY DEAD BROTHER.

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AJ_TheGreatestEver said...
Mar. 5, 2010 at 8:23 am
great job morgan
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