So B. It by Sarah Weeks

February 10, 2010
“So. B. It”, by: Sarah Weeks

I never really thought
about what the possibilities were for a 9 year old child to be wanting to know so much about hers and hers mother's past life and family. I learned that even the youngest of people need to and want to know.

“So. B. It” is an amazing, heart warming book about a “not all there” mother and her baby girl alone at the home with their neighbor, Bernie taking such good care of them. It's not the normal family that some people have, in fact, would a lot of people consider them to be a family as they do? Probably not. But everyone's family is different.

Heidi, just as a little girl wondered what it would be like in order to go to a school and meet other people or to even learn all the amazing wonders of life. She wanted to know what the words her mother said meant and why she didn't have any other family besides mama and bernie.

The suspicions of children can be a worry but Heidi was different, she was smart, she had her own special gift. Heidi knew that if she wanted something bad enough she was going to do it no matter what. She had never really wondered about any of this until she made a new friend and then learned about lying. Was Bernie lying to her or trying to keep her safe?

Where was her family? Who
really were her and her mother? And
what did her mothers words mean?
Heidi was igor to find out. She was
going to. But what would happen to
her? What if she didn't find out
the logical information that she
was hoping for? Maybe some things
are better left unknown or it also
my be for the best. Heidi would not
have to live her life in confusion
and wondering about her life
everyday. She may be able to find
out who she really was. Not as
Heidi It or mama being So. B. It.

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