Suck It Up by Brian Meehl

March 1, 2010
By famousgirl244 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
famousgirl244 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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From the time he was little, Morning McCobb has had a pretty tough life. From living at an all boys orphanage, to being bitten by a vampire and left for dead, things haven’t been easy. It’s hard enough to be that kid- you know, gawky, strange, wants to be a superhero- then add on the fact that he’s a vampire! What will happen when Mr. McCobb travels back to his hometown? You’ll have to read the amazing suck it up, by Brian Meehl, to find out.

The authors writing style amazes me. How he can drop subtle hints of dry humor into a young adults book is beyond me, even though He writes in a very plain-jane sort of way. It’s not narrated by one of the characters, which is strange to see in a young adult book. He adds flavor to the book by adding constructs in all the right places.

The best part of this book has got to be the characters. They have such depth to them, you feel like you really get to know them. Like Portia, the quirky love interest of morning. In the beginning of the book, you don’t know whether or not to love her for being so outspoken, or think she needs to take a chill pill! And penny, Portia’s mom and morning’s PR lady is the strongest character in the book. She knows how to pick up the pieces when things get crazy. Like when morning told the entire state of New York that he was a vampire. That’s the kind of characters I like in my books.

The plot is simply spectacular because it’s so unique. I can promise you that you will never find another vampire book quite like this one. Its not a love story about some depressed boy in a depressing town who falls in love with a regular girl. It’s about those hard, awkward teenage years with one extra thing to worry about.

Overall, this book is fabulous. This quirky story is about following your dreams-no matter how big or small. And about finding unexpected love along the way. With this fantastic plot and unique characters, this book will take you by surprise. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to become a superhero?

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