Secrets In the Shadows by Anne Schraff

March 1, 2010
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From murder, love, ad confusion, that’s what Roylin Bailey, has no choice but to suffer through in this book. I think this book made me realize that you should respect your friends and family because, you don’t know how long they’ll stick around. Everyone who enjoys mystery & suspense
ealistic fiction should read this book. Secret In The Shadows is a book that can be found in the Bluford High Series, this book is the third one into the series.

Secret In The Shadows is by Anne Sharff. I think the authors writing style would be mystery &suspense
ealistic fiction, because when you’re reading the book keeps you keep wondering what’s going to happen next. One of the very many reasons I recommend this book is because I hate reading but when I started reading this book I couldn’t even put the book own it was like my hand was stuck to the book and my eyes were glued to the page. And realistic fiction because this is a story that could happen but hasn’t happened yet.

His head wasn’t straight, his mom didn’t appreciate him, and he didn’t have the right support he needed to get through this hard struggle. Roylin Bailey was known for starting trouble. With only one friend he had no one to turn to when that friend was “murdered”. He doesn’t treat his family right, they claim he is turning into his dad, and he found out that his girlfriend was just using him for the very small amount of money that he makes each month. Find out what happens next in Secrets In The Shadows.

I recommend this book because, even if you hate reading you would love reading this book. I think this book is good because its based on things that can happen and how you need to respect your peers and people you care about, but Roylin didn’t so he lost his best friend.

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famousgirl244 said...
Mar. 1, 2010 at 12:19 pm
Yay ! i new yu were so smart and now yu made it ! yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!
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