"Old Yeller" -- One of the Best Books Ever by Fred Gibson

February 26, 2010
My book review is about “Old Yeller.” The story takes place in Texas in the 1800s. At the beginning of the book, Papa leaves. The oldest brother, Travis, has to take care of his family. He had to do a lot of stuff for his family, such as feed all of the animals and do all of the chores that his father did. Then, the family found a dog. They named him Old Yeller. Travis and Old Yeller became best friends. The book is appropriate for all ages, but I would recommend it for sixth- or seventh-grade students. “Old Yeller” is one of the best books that I have read. I consider it to be a classic that all kids should read.

Travis was a young teenager. His papa had to leave them. Travis had to take care of his mama. He also had to take care of his little brother Aries. Then they found a dog . They name the dog old yeller. And know Travis had to take care of them all. The papa leaves them. And Travis had to take of the family. It takes place in taxes in the 1800s.

The theme of the book I think is a boy and a dog and a long relationship between them. The author likes every type of suff. Like action, sad, happy, fuuny and ever thing else is in this book. The book is relay good and you want want to quit reading it. It can also be funny at times. You well want to read it in tell you get done reading it. Travis has to take care of his family. And then they found old yeller. The charters are Travis, Arias, Mama, and Papa. The story is a good one. It should be for all ages. It is a great adventure.

With his father away from home, Travis has to become the man of the house. He takes care of his family. They find a dog, and Travis and Old Yeller become best buddies. Everything about “Old Yeller” is great, but I especially like the tale of friendship between a boy and his dog. No other book can beat it.

Travis, his family and their dog, Old Yeller, go on a big adventure.

I give this book four-and-a-half stars.

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