Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

February 26, 2010
Among the Hidden was an interesting book, it keeps you wondering the whole time. It’s the only book I know of that mentions illegal third children. She puts many exciting events in her book. Luke is the main, and he is considered illegal by Population Police. He’s been in hiding his entire life, and now that the government has purchased the wood behind their house to build, now Luke has no freedom. He was moved to the attic, where one day he peeped through the air vent and saw a child in the neighboring house. The two children that live there had already left with their parents. Luke meets another 3rd born child, but is he as willing and ready to come out of hiding as Jen is?
Luke, the main character and illegal third child of the family, decides to venture outside and sneak over to the neighboring house after the other family members had already left. The reason being, he looked out an air vent one day even though if he was seen he would have been taken away from his family. He saw the neighbors house and after he had seen all the members of the family leave, he seen a child through the window. Luke was left with the thought “Is there another illegal third child, other than me?”He later finds out that her name is Jen and she to is an illegal third born child. The two form a magnificent friendship.
Haddix takes Luke’s situation and make it a heart compelling story. As a young child you seem to think he would have more to do around the house then just sit in an attic all day and be bored. His parents love him, and would love to see him happy but there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. His brothers spend time with when they can, but they mostly have to help their father on the farm. Until Luke met Jen his life was dull, she makes everything more exciting. She talks about what life would be if they were free and how she hoped that one day.
“Among the Hidden” is about a boy named Luke; an illegal third born child. Luke has lived a very different life then most kids. He’s pretty much lived an invisible life. He’s never been to school, visited friends, or been to a birthday party. The only freedom he had was the woods behind his house, but now the government has taken that away as well. They have bought the woods to build houses. One day he sees a girl’s face in the window where he knows two children already live. He finally meets the other shadow child like himself. Jen is willing to risk everything to come out of the shadows, but Luke isn’t so sure he is as ready or as willing as Jen Talbot is?

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