My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult

February 26, 2010
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My Sister's Keeper Review

Medical Fiction was never my favourite genre, but after reading My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult changed my opinion. She is an amazing author who brings a lot of emotion to the book, and convinces you to continue to read the book. The title My Sister's Keeper is understood after the book is read. This title is saying that one sibling is holding secrets and responsibility of the other sibling. The author wrote this book to tell, how family was so close to each other, and how one sibling became a keeper for another one, because of the love between them. This book is organized in perspectives. it will start off with one character and then move onto the next one. Also at times in the book the author showed flashbacks, by stating the date beside the name of the characters, whose perspective was said.

My Sister Keepers genre is medical fiction. It is written in first person. The author wrote this book in a formal way, and the concepts were clearly defined. The information in this book was very accurate, and understandable. She writes the book so when reading you can understand and feel the emotions that is being presented. The author's characters and story glues your hand onto the book. The story is amazing that even a movie is made out of it, which also helps you realize how good the book is.

A family member getting the flu is not as painful, but when the family member is so sick that you have a fear of losing them. This book puts us through that fear, and explains to us how a family should stick together and help that person. My Sister's Keeper goes through many perspectives that all join one story. The story of love for a sick family member. This story goes thorough many perspectives and information from other characters, but at the end revolves around two young teenager girls, Kate, and Anna. Kate was infected with leukaemia, ever since she was a toddler and needed to get treatments. Anna her younger sister was born for this very reason. Kate and Anna were best of sisters, but when Anna all of a sudden decided to stop being a donor for her sister, and sued her parents for the rights of her body, then problems started to rise. Anna started to lose her family, and worst of all she might even lose her sister if she quits being a donor for Kate. How long can someone be a keeper for the sibling. My Sister's keeper a book that shows, what love is in a family, even in rough times.

My opinions on this book are positive. I was impressed how organized and understandable this book was. I did get frustrated and angry when I read that Anna wanted to sue her parents, because of her rights to her body. I never expected I would enjoy a book, with such seriousness. I enjoyed reading the trial that goes on for Anna. At first I got confused why she was expanding on unimportant characters, but she is an amazing author that she made the secondary characters into main ones. I especially adored the love between the two sisters. This book truly shows true love, and determination to keep a family together. out of ten I would give this book a ten. I recommend this book to everyone, because from person experience people who dislike this type of genre of books will not regret reading this.

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