Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

February 24, 2010
By iskra BRONZE, Singapore, Other
iskra BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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Sometimes a small thing can impact our life in a really big way. In Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli that small thing was a unique girl who appeared one day and she taught her classmates not to bow down to conformity. Slowly, Leo starts falling for her and soon they’re a couple, but Leo’s going to have to choose between her and the entire student body. The message and theme were very clear and meaningful; be yourself, and not what others want you to be. Personally, I think it really applies to our generation because these days people are really scared to stand out and truly embrace who they really are inside, and the author is really trying to emphasize on that.
In my opinion the writing was average, with nothing really very interesting about it, but on the other hand, the plot was for the most part spectacular and really captivating. The worst part of the book was the ending, it seems like the author was getting really bored of writing and so he just rushed it. It was in no way interesting or inspiring like an ending ought to be. Also, I thought that the part that talks about Leo fifteen years later was completely pointless and ruined the ending even more since the ending is a cliffhanger. I would definitely recommend this book because of the thought-provoking in-depth meaning, and because it’s a quick read.

The author's comments:
We had to read this book in my RLA class, and I chose to write a review.

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