Satke That by Mari Mancusi

February 24, 2010
By cieras BRONZE, Seth, West Virginia
cieras BRONZE, Seth, West Virginia
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In my book Stake That, the man character Rayne is surrounded by turmoil and misery. She shoots for goals, but they seem to fall down as she reaches for them. The one person in this world that Rayne didn’t think would hurt did. She’s wondering if she has anything left. Then comes something she would have never guessed. Now she has to figure out if she wants to follow that destiny, or the one she wanted in the first place. Can she handle all of this, or will she break before the end. If anyone is interested in young adult books, then Stake That by Mari Mancusi is a good book for you.

Description and summary of main points
Rayne has always dreamed of becoming a vampire. The only thing stopping her is reality, and the mixed up identity of her twin sister Sunny. Things were almost perfect for Rayne, and then something partially impossible happened. Sunny ended up with everything Rayne spent years of dreaming of. It seems misery found its way back in Rayne’s life, and she has no other plans. Until she was told she was a enemy of what she wants to become. Now she is stuck trying to figure out if that destiny is for her, or should she make a new one of her own?

The main points in this book are mostly of Rayne’s bad luck, because she almost gets the dream she always wanted to come true, but Sunny gets to instead. Now she just wants to find a way in this world. If she decides to become a vampire, that means she can’t become a vampire slayer. She really has no clue of what to do with life. All she knows is she feels betrayed by her twin sister.

The ones involved in making Rayne’s life bad and good are listed here. Magnus, which is the vampire that was supposed to bite Rayne, is listed here. Sunny for many reasons, the main one being that she is Rayne’s twin sister. Rayne especially for being the main character in this book. Then finally Spider, because she is Rayne’s best friend in this story.

The theme of this book is impossible dreams. The reason why is, because Rayne goes through being betrayed, heartbroken, and very confused. I think that is why the author wrote Rayne’s life in this fashion, because a ton of teenagers go through some of the same things. It shows how things get worse before they get better. That’s what the author was trying to get out in her teenage vampire story to inspire you to not let go of hope.

The plot is that Rayne wants to become a vampire so bad, but she can’t. That makes her fill up with sadness that she can’t even know what it feels like to be one of them. She has hardly anyone left to comfort her. There isn’t even anyone to give a tissue to her, and she can’t figure out why. Why she lives life the way she does now, and how she can even start to fix everything back up.

The style of this book is unique. It goes to happiness then back to sadness in a flash. Many might argue over it, because it has different emotions and actions throughout the book. Though we all would have to agree that it was a wonderful book to read, and very dark and mysterious to add a plus to the book. It is a new statement for the young adult books all over the world. Also it could leave you breathless with its rareness and its cool atmosphere.

Stake That is a really a terrific book! Rayne is just a very good character that is just surrounded by remorselessness. Her way of life is very complicated which makes her confused and agitated. Betrayal might at least help her get what she wants, or will it be the end of her. Find out in the vampire story Stake That! It’s a very awesome book for young adult readers.


Stake That is a very inspiration and super mysterious book. Like when Rayne loses Magnus and her chance at being a vampire. Also when she has to makes choices that she didn’t even think could exist. How will everything end up working out for her, and will she forgive her sister Sunny? Could Rayne just forget about everything and learn how to be happy again. Found out in the awesome book Stake That!

Your final review

Stake That was one of the greatest books ever! It made me breathless and amazed. I think everyone should read Stake That by Mari Mancusi.

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