One Six Billionth by Kaitlyn Jane Mauro

February 16, 2010
By , Greensburg, PA
Do you ever wonder what the world would look like if you were not yourself but somebody completely different? What would look entirely different and what would look familiar? That's exactly what I found in One Six Billionth, a newly published book that's short in length but rich in content. Kaitlyn Jane Mauro invites you in and shows you what the world looks like through her eyes.

The book is loosely constructed as a collection of short stories from the author's perspective - a blend of creative nonfiction, funny little antidotes, an eclectic collection of wise (and often times quite amusing) quotes, exactly one poem, and lots of surprisingly insightful thoughts and musings. Kaitlyn Jane Mauro, though only eighteen years old, speaks of love, life, loss, and the little moments that make life worth living with the wisdom and poignancy of someone many times her age - all with an endearing tone of optimism and an inspirational zest for life.

In the first chapter the author explains that the book's title, One Six Billionth, came from a quote she heard many years ago that went something like, 'only one six billionth of it is about you.' Though at times quite abstract, this book does have a plot that feels organic and natural to follow. Once I started reading it I nearly finished it in one sitting, the author's style and sense of humor are addicting and very relatable. Needless to say, I will definitely be giving this book several more reads.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this book to other teenage readers. Never have I read another book that illustrated so clearly the beauty that is to be found in being both terribly human and a little bit broken. It left me want to look for the beauty in the world, especially in the places you wouldn't expect to find it. It left me with a renewed yearning to see the world from different perspectives and to appreciate the small, generally overlooked moments of bliss to be found in everyday life. It left me feeling connected to the world. Most importantly, it left me feeling inspired and hungry for life!

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