Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

February 11, 2010
By Morgstang BRONZE, Brownville, Maine
Morgstang BRONZE, Brownville, Maine
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Perseus Jackson always knew he was different, he just didn't know how different. If you could call being the son of an Olympian god different.
Old Greek monsters as old as time well known or never heard of roam the world, veiled from mortal's eyes with "The Mist." Monsters like the Cyclops, Medusa, and Hellhounds are well known. But there are even older Monsters that Rick Riordan reveal such as the Telkhine, strange dog-humans, and the evil looking Dracena, half snake half woman beasts.

Percy is moved from school to school with his mother, he always ends up blowing a school up or setting something on fire without even knowing how it happened. And the only option is to leave, before he gets blamed. Monsters are drawn to demigods, and Percy has had his own problems with them always trying to kill him and end up getting fingers pointed at him for a destroyed building.

He moves to a new school and meets a friend. A gangly boy named Grover who always wore a cap. Grover is actually a Satyr, half goat half human. A Satyr's job is to bring a demigod to a camp in New York, called "Camp Half Blood". A safe place for demigods to go, protected from mythical monsters and trained to fight them. For a demigod, reaching their next birthday is an arduous task, since hardly any of them reach the age of 15.

Percy and a few friends he makes at Camp Half Blood go on "quests" which they see deadly monsters thought dead long ago. Monsters such as Medusa and Minotaur are reincarnated after a few weeks or even a few thousand years, but they do come back no matter how many times you kill them.
In Percy Jackson, Battle of the Labyrinth book 4, Percy has to go on one of his deadliest adventures yet. Kronos's army is rising and they are going to try to travel through Daedalus's legendary Labyrinth. The myth still lives strong and is growing under the United States. But is the famous architect still alive after thousands of years? After his rumored death?

Percy and his friends have to find him first before Luke does, they plan on using Ariadne's string to help lead their army through the labyrinths tricky passage ways and get to camp half blood and destroy it.
Can Percy and his friends find Daedalus first? Or is he still even alive?

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