The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

February 11, 2010
In the hunger games there are thirteen districts, that surround the capitol, that is portrayed as being a big, shiny, city like area that runs the districts. In district twelve lives Katniss Everdeen, a semi-typical 16 year old girl. She lost her dad when she was just eleven years old in a mining accident. She has been caring for her mom and her little sister Prim since then. She has been putting her name in an extra amount of times, to get extra food for her family. She and her friend, Gale, hunt for food to trade with people so that their families could have the essentials they need to survive. When the reaping day comes, they all wait in town to see who will be chosen.

Suzanne Collins does good, catching many different reader, with this book. She makes you interested in why she calls it The Hunger Games. Then she leads the suspense to what the hunger games habitat and circumstances may be, which leaves you glued to the book until the train ride home?
The fact that the New York Times Bestselling Author was awarded to Suzanne Collins did not surprise me. She did a good job making the book an easy ride. It is not easy enough to make you loose interest though.

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