Deathwatch by Robb White

February 10, 2010
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Recently I read the book Deathwatch. It was a good book. Still it was not good enough for me to get sucked in and want to read it every waking minute. The book starts off with a collage student named Ben hunting with a man named Madec. During their hunting trip, Madec shoots a man in the desert. When him and Ben found the body, they were spilt down the middle on what they should do. This was one of the best parts of the book. A heated argument went on and ended with Madec taking shots at Ben. After Ben got away, it started to get boring.

For over 13 chapters, it almost felt like you were reading the same thing over and over with just a few things changing. But when you got past the first 150 pages, things started to really heat up. Ben decides he must fight back with only a slingshot and some buckshot pellets. Fast forward a chapter and Ben has Madec tied up in the Jeep as they drive toward the sheriff's office but just a few pages later Ben is the one sitting in a jail cell for aggravated assault.

After that it gets really good, But it would be very irresponsible for me to tell you how it ends but I will tell you this. It didn't just surprise me but I read it twice because the ending was that good. I recommend this book for any one who wants an easy but at the same time a good read.

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