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   Can you imagine being 13 years old, diagnosed with AIDS, and having everyone in your school making fun of you just because you have a disease? This is exactly what happened to Ryan White. He tells about it in his autobiography, The Ryan White Story.When he was born, he was diagnosed with a disease called hemophilia. He contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion. Ryan couldn't participate in sports and other activities that kids take for granted, since there was too much risk of his falling or getting bruised and bleeding to death.In spite of his disease, Ryan White was an ordinary kid who wanted to be just like everybody else. He loved to play and was a straight A student. His hometown of Kokomo, Indiana, had a hard time accepting him because they thought his problem was contagious. Ryan and his family suffered from discrimination, which was very emotional for him and his family. Ryan and his family struggled through many hard times. Ryan was in the hospital a lot, either for blood transfusions, tests or scans. In addition, his parents go through a divorce.The Ryan White Story is a sensational, true story. Ryan taught the world about AIDS. He often gave speeches, telling it like it was, straight from his heart. The Ryan White Story is one that you will never forget. Also, you feel like you are there living with Ryan and his family..

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