The Running Man by Stephen King

February 4, 2010
By , Hamburg, MI
A running man, a sick child, fierce hunters and a billion dollars on the line. The Running Man by Stephen King reveals the world of the rude and running Benjamin Richards. This book would defiantly be in my top three of books I've ever read. It consumes you and you can't put it down until you're forced to stop.

The Running Man takes place in America run by no president, but the Network. The Network sets up game shows such as Treadmill Bucks or Swim With The Crocs or our featured show this time: The Running Man. The big prize: a billion new dollars. The price to play: risking your life! The rules are simple you survive thirty days of running from the hunters you win, if you don't the money you've earned is sent back to your family. Just keep in mind though, no one's ever survived more than 8 days. Our lucky contestant this season is... Richards! Will Richards survive long enough to earn money for his sick daughter and his wife?!

The book had me flipping pages dying to see what would come next, it was just the action-tastic! It was like a battle field, explosions and lots of guns. I couldn't wait to see what Richards would do next to escape his death yet again. At parts Stephen King leaves you feeling blind in the dark unable to move with a broken bone like Richards. You're left feeling afraid the hunters will find you the moment your injured. Everything seemed so real making it that more intense!

The book was placed in the future and a little sci-fi, though it was easy enough to place your self into the story. You begin to to hate the Network for poisoning the air. You'll believe anything Stephen King tells you and it seems real at the time you read it. While reading the book you want to just hold your breath, knowing that the air is intentionally being poisoned. Not having a nose filter for yourself, you begin to reconsider the safeness of the air. The crazy shows run by the government in this book and you might wonder how stable our own government The imagination used for this story one of the best parts of it.

Overall I would say this was a great book. If you like action or if your a fan of sci-fi this book is for you. The Running Man is a clever and awesome book! ?

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