Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

January 28, 2010
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Ghostgirl, written by Tonya Hurley, is the story about Charlotte Usher who has always been the invisible girl that nobody likes. Charlotte is wants this year at Hawthorne High to be her year. She was going to be popular and she was going to get the guy of her dreams, Damen Dylan. Charlotte has always been hated by the popular Petula Kensington and the Wendys – Wendy Anderson and Wendy Thomas. Charlotte decided that to get Damen to notice her, she would sign up for the same classes he was taking. Her first class was Physics. She went into the classroom and no sign of Damen. Their class began to pick lab partners. Charlotte, again, was left alone. But lucky for Charlotte the door opened and there was Damen. Charlotte was so excited that Damen got to be her lab partner for the semester. Damen was told that all athletes must maintain a “C” average in every class. Damen, worried about being kicked off a team, asked Charlotte if she could tutor him. Before she could answer, the bell rang. Petula came over to where Damen and Charlotte were sitting and began leaving with Damen. While Charlotte was putting her books away, she started eating gummy bears. She saw Damen was still in the hallway and tried to catch up to him when someone ahead of her shut the door in her face. She ran right into the door and the gummy bear was shoved right into her airway. She tried to give herself the Heimlich and banging on the door, but nothing worked. Charlotte then fell to the ground and began to see a white bright light. Charlotte then got up, looked down and saw the gummy bear laying on the floor. She looked at the candy, coughed and realized the gummy bear was on the floor but she could feel it in her larynx. Charlotte was called to a room in the basement of the school. The secretary gave her paper work to fill out. She sat next to a girl in the room. Charlotte saw on the paper “C.O.D.” and left it blank. Charlotte was told to fill this out. Apparently, “C.O.D.” meant “Cause Of Death.” The girl next to her said, “I’m Pam and you’re…………Dead.” The girl that everybody thought was invisible, now really was invisible. Worse she was dead. Now Charlotte could never be popular, she will never get asked to the Fall Ball and she will never get Damen. But when Charlotte goes over to Petulas house to see her and Damen, she finds out Scarlet, Petulas sister, can see her. Now being dead Charlotte faces new problems like dealing with Scarlet, trying to save Hawthorne Manor where the dead kids live and still trying to go to the Fall Ball even though nobody could see her.

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sleepyharlow said...
Aug. 9, 2010 at 6:32 pm
I love this book and Tonya Hurley is the new voice of teen angst for me!
tweety girl said...
Feb. 7, 2010 at 11:09 pm
i think this book is really interesting for a girl o read =)
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