Secret Life Of Bees

January 26, 2010
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I would recommend this book to middle school students. The book was very easy to understand. The plot was exciting and easy to follow. In 8th grade we learn about African American rights and discrimation. In the book, Lily, has her realtions with discrimation. Liy Owens, the main character in the story, is fourteen years old which is the same age as older middle school students. During the story we learn somethings from Lily. For example, racism. When Lily and Rosaleen( Lily’s house keeper) go into town Rosaleen gets arrested. Rosaleen got into a fight with some whitemen. While in jail she was beaten and was taken to a hospital for some medical help. Lily goes and saves Rosaleen from the hospital.Another example is love, love for her mother. Also, how important community is. Lastly how strong these women are, and role models for Lily.

The character Lily is faced with a hard decision. Lily’s father, T-Ray, is very mean and abusive to Lily. Lily has an ephiphany that she needs to run-away. Lily brings with her Rosaleen, the house keeper. A ajor part in Lily’s life was her mother. As a young child, Lily’s mother is killed in an accidental shooting. When Lily ran away she found a honey label with a picture of her mother on it and the name of the town written on the back. The house that the honey was

made in was called the “ Daughter of Mary”. Lily and Rosaleen decide to go to that house,where she meets August ,May Boatwright and Zach. Together they own a honey farm. August teaches Lily how to care for the bees, and Lily learns the Queen bee takes care of all the bee’s in the hive. Until one day T-Ray comes to take Lily back. Lily refuses to leave and lily stays at the house. Before T-Ray leavesLily asked T-Ray who really did kill her mother. T-Ray tells her that it was indeed Lily. Lily got very upset. Lily later finds out that her mother had left her. Lily got very abandoned by her mother. As days pass Lily realizes that she shouldn’t be raving about her mother. Lily should be loving and missing her mother.

In conclusion, one important thing we learn about Lilyis her determation. Lily’s wanting a mother love. Until she realizes that she has her own “mothers”. Rosaleen and August alomost become her mothers. Lily got ther idea where she really belongs.

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