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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   Smart, funny, sad,enjoyable and wholesome only begin to describe the best-selling novelThe Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood. There really aren't enoughwords to describe this wonderful book.

Wells tells the storyof Siddalee Walker, a theatre director in need of inspiration for hernew play. Sidda looks to her mother's past and her own childhood foranswers.

Growing up, Sidda was a Petite Ya-Ya, as the offspringof the Ya-Yas were called, and loved her strange childhood in theLouisiana bayou. The Ya-Yas consist of her mother, Vivi, and her bestfriends Teensy, Necie and Caro, whose wild attempts to be different makean impact on Sidda. She, however, has no idea how much the Ya-Yas havebeen through, and it turns out to be just what she needs for herplay.

Sidda's journey begins when she is confronted by the Ya-Yasfor calling off her wedding. She asks them to help her with herinspiration problem. Sidda fights with her mother, which makes it hardfor the other Ya-Yas to convince Vivi to give Sidda the Ya-Ya-rabilia -a scrapbook of letters and articles that give her a different look atnot only her mother's life but also the hardships and glory of being awoman.

Sidda's research turns out to be a self-exploration, andhelps her discover who she and her mother really are.

Thispage-turner had me so hooked I read the prequel, Little AltarsEverywhere. Wells's beautifully descriptive writing brought tears to myeyes; she writes with such style, vigor and passion that I became moreinterested in writing and novels. There are many divine secrets of theYa-Ya sisterhood; read the book and you can discover them, too.

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