Mike Lupica’s Two-Minute Drill (Comeback Kids Series) by Mike Lupica

January 27, 2010
By aaron@fms BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
aaron@fms BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Mike Lupica’s Two-Minute Drill (Comeback Kids Series) is a book that not only interests the reader but can relate to the reader. Football as we know, is “America’s Game” and is played by many young people today. Two-Minute Drill (Comeback Kids Series) is about a adolescent boy in sixth grade who is the smartest guy in 6th grade but the least athletic. This crazy smart boy is Scott, the new kid who just moved to Bloomfield South who has no friends and is constantly bullied, finally makes a friend in Chris Conlan. Chris Conlan gets a picture of his dog back from a bully and the two instantly become friends.

Mike Lupica does a fine job of placing literary merits in his book. The character development is well done as Scott and Chris mature slowly as the book goes on. Physically and mentally. Chris improves his schoolwork and matures as a young man as he learns what friendship is all about. Scott matures in his friendship with Chris and as a young man. The story was also informative mainly because the fact Mike Lupica is an author as well as a sports columnist. He gets insider information and shares with the reader his insight on sports and athletes in sports; especially their thinking. The reader gets a chance to see the point of view of an adolescent.

Scott also has a secret he wants no one to know, as does Chris. Can these two kids remain friends even though they are very different? Scott is the smart kid, referred to as “the brain” while Chris on the other hand, is the quarterback for the town team and the best player. Scott’s secret is that he can kick- as in field goals and doesn’t want anyone to find out because he is afraid to mess up. Chris is a dyslexic and is afraid of being put in a special education class and wants to stay with his friends.

This book really had me hooked from the beginning because of the immensely familiar plot. I myself am an adolescent who loves to watch football and instantly fell in love with this book. I recommend this book to anyone who loves football or just sports. The plot is well developed and moves along smoothly. The story starts out with a catchy introduction and as the story moves along, complications happen that are not solved immediately which keeps you reading and guessing.

Scott’s personality does not change very much throughout the book, but it is fun to see the reactions of the bullies on his football team when he makes an incredible play when Chris gets injured. The suspense leading up to the conclusion of the story is intense. Scott is devastated when he injures his wrist because the next game he was guaranteed a spot on the field as it was a game the coach decided to let everyone play. The coach had Scott benched for the whole season and was going to put him in until one of the biggest kids on the team hit him after whistle and put him in the emergency room. His sixth grade football career was over as far as Scott was concerned because the next game was for the championship and there was virtually no chance he would be put in. What happened? Pick up a copy of Mike Lupica’s Two-Minute Drill (Comeback Kids Series) and find out!

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