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January 27, 2010
By dReameRboy13 SILVER, Tarrs, Pennsylvania
dReameRboy13 SILVER, Tarrs, Pennsylvania
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In The Lost Symbol, the third installation of his mystery series exploring the history of ancient and secretive societies, Dan Brown burrows into the depths of one of the world's best known and populated fraternities, the Freemasons.

The Lost Symbol follows Robert Langdon on yet another journey of murder, mysticism, and mayhem. The Harvard professor of religious symbology, who previously found himself among strangers in Switzerland, Italy, and France, is now working with old friends in his nation's capital.

The story begins when Langdon receives a phone call from the assistant of an old friend, Peter Solomon. The man explains that Solomon is hosting a gala and would like Langdon to read his lecture on the Freemasons. Langdon heads off to Washington, D.C., only to discover an empty reception hall, save for the severed hand of Peter Solomon.

Langdon works closely with FBI instructor, Inoue Sato, Warren Bellamy (architect of the Capitol), and Solomon's sister Katherine to find the man responsible for Solomon's kidnapping, who goes by the name Mal'akh.

As with The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, Brown's latest story takes place during one 24-hour period. Langdon and Katherine travel across Washington deciphering ancient clues left by the founding fathers (most of whom were Masons) so they can find the “lost symbol” and use it as a bartering chip to get back their dear friend.

Brown has been attacked by critics for providing false information in his books. However, like many authors, he merely contorts minor details of the truth to fit his story. Just because some of the ideas are farfetched and contrary to popular belief does not mean they are incorrect. Readers need to open their minds to the possibility.

With surprising twists and tricks around every corner, blood-pumping suspense, and a few truths that may cause your head to whirl, The Lost Symbol is a book none should miss.

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on Aug. 31 2012 at 2:40 pm
alwayssunshine PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Great review! I read this book last summer, and you definitely did it justice!


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