Rules by Cynthia Lord

January 24, 2010
By , Aurora, IL
Rules, a book by Cynthia Lord, has caught my eye because it puts you in another person's shoes that some people need to understand more. It puts you in someone who just wants to be normal and have a normal life. Except, she has a little brother who has a disability.
Catherine, the main character in the story has a little brother named David with a disability. The whole family revolves around his disability when she just wants a normal life. It is hard when David keeps on embarrassing her by doing things he didn't know that were wrong. For years, she's been trying to teach him rules so he wont embarrass himself. Such as "no toys in the fish tank" or "you can yell on a playground, but not during dinner." David symbolizes a little boy just trying to have fun. While Catherine seems like the person just not letting go, and keeping him back; in David's view. In Catherine's view, she just wants to be a normal girl. While David is the speed bumps that holds her down and makes her go slower. This story shows Catherine both points of view; David's and her own.

The story takes place in the beginning of summer. Catherine meets Jason and Kristi, both new friends of hers. Krisi seems like the perfect normal one, when Catherine realizes what is normal. It's not what your surroundings are, it's who you are. She begins to realize she's with a happy family and they are fine just the way the are; even with a brother with disabilities.

This story makes you hold on to the book, and keeps you reading. It brings in humor and a sense of family and friends. This book teaches you acceptance and that you are fine just the way you are. I recommend this book, because it teaches you acceptance and that people with disabilities have feelings just like everyone else.

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