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   Have you ever wondered what will happen at the end of theworld? Will everyone suddenly disappear? Will they die tragically? Will somepeople be left behind on Earth? In Left Behind, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkinscombine their opinions with the Bible's prophecies for an intriguing book thatwill hold anyone's attention.

The first chapters introduce Rayford, anairplane pilot; Chloe, Rayford's daughter and a college student; Buck, aworld-renowned reporter; and Bruce, a pastor. One eerie morning, millions ofpeople worldwide disappear, leaving everyone else behind in a world of politicalturmoil, crime and devastating natural disasters. Right away, people notice thatonly the Christians have disappeared. The Bible calls this phenomenon theRapture.

Rayford, Chloe, Buck and Bruce struggle through this horribleperiod. Their individual grief over the loss of friends and family causes them toevaluate their lives and relationships with God.

Meanwhile, an unknownpolitical leader named Nicolae Carpathia rapidly rises and takes over the world.This man is loved by everyone; he is charming, handsome and seems to care aboutsociety. Rayford, Chloe, Buck and Bruce are deceived and fall into Nicolae'strap, but their lives are turned around when they become Christians. Drinking inthe encouraging words of the Bible, they realize Nicolae is the Antichrist - theman sent to Earth by the devil to conquer the world. Eventually, more peoplebegin to hate Nicolae.

Love, hate, violence and happiness are woventogether in Left Behind. You may not like Left Behind if you don't agree with theauthors' point of view about the end of the world. This book is very opinionated,but in my eyes, that is what makes it so wonderful. If you enjoy Left Behind,check out the six other books in the series.

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