Mississippi Trial, 1955

January 22, 2010
By Anonymous

“But what if Bryant and Milam are covering for somebody else?” this quote from “Mississippi Trial, 1955” effected me because Emmet Till was a 14 year old boy who was beaten to death by 3 people but only 2 Bryant and Milam were caught. Emmet till was a Chicago boy who was visiting Mississippi the fact that he didn’t no that people were different about blacks in Mississippi bothered me because when you go somewhere else you have to be carful but he was a teenager what was he supposed to do. Emmet was a wise boy for wisling at a white woman in Mississippi because; there the blacks and the whites were separated.

When I read this book “Mississippi Trial, 1955,” I felt mad, upset, and sad because the things Bryant and Milam did to the boy were uncalled for. The fact that they shot him killed him and threw the boy in a river and didn’t get pronounced guilty bothers me. The things people did to him were disgraceful and discussing. It is just sad hearing about this situation and makes my heart ache for him and his family.

When I saw Mamie Till Emmet’s mother talking about how she felt, made me cry, if I were in his situation and my mom had to talk about me I no she would not be happy and would want people to no what had happened to me and that’s exactly what Mamie till did. Showing the body after the death of Emmet Till was a smart idea because the fact that the people didn’t understand what happened this made them realize it is just wrong no matter who you are white or black you should be shocked at what these men did.

After his death people spoke out like Rosa Parks who wouldn’t give her seat up to a white person and wouldn’t move to the back of the bus where all of the blacks went. Martin Luther king Jr. who changed the world when he spoke out about segregation. Willie Reed also stood up for Emmet at his trial he spoke out and tried to show he cared and so did Mose Wright Emmet’s uncle.

This quote spoken by Mr. Chatmen in court during the trial of Emmet Till, means a lot to me because at least someone understood that at that moment race tradition and segregation did not matter just the killing of a child. “The killing of Emmet Till was a cowardly act committed by the two defendants you see sitting before you. I know what you are and where we are, but I beg you to put aside race, tradition, and prejudice, and consider the facts of this case that we have so clearly presented. This is not an issue of Negro verses white. This is not an issue verses north verses south. This is a simple issue of law: two men murdered a child. You have no choice but to convict them of murder.”

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