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The Watson's go to Birmingham 1963

January 25, 2010
By Anonymous

I read The Watson’s go to Birmingham 1963 written by Christopher Paul Curtis. The copyright date is 1995 and the genre is African-American.

I thought this book was excellent. I would recommend it to middle school kids because it showed how people lived back then and it was very suspenseful. Although some parts of the book got scary, it was very good in general and I find lots of middle school kids enjoying it as much as I did. I would also recommend this book because it was really funny in parts of the book and I enjoyed that a lot. If it wasn’t funny in some parts of the book then I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.

I would recommend this book to middle school students because it was one of those books that makes you want to read more as you go on! In this book, a boy named Kenny and his brother Bryon, and sister named Joey and mom and dad all live in Michigan. Bryon was considered “the king” of this school. Kenny also goes to the same school so sometimes it would be a little hard of Kenny. He always got into trouble and made fun of Kenny a lot. Joey was the little sister that always looked up to his brother Bryon. One day Kenny at school met a boy named Rufus and they became really good friends. But then Bryon, Joey, and Kenny’s parents both decided that Bryon acted up so much that they were going tos end him to live with their grandparents in Alabama. On their way to Alabama and while being in Alabama, they face some discrimination including a bomb at their church they attend. I would also recomend this book because you can really see how people back then lived like the Watson’s and how discrimination was back then and what people really had to deal with. This book was really funny. It was really funny from the beginning of the book because Byron gets his tongue stuck on the car while cleaning the car because he was kissing his reflection on the mirror!!! I thought this book was awesome and I hope you will enjoy it was much as I did.

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Jennifer said...
on Aug. 31 2017 at 7:40 pm
I love this book! Wilona Watson reminds me of my mother because she makes me wear a ridiculous amount of winter clothes too!

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