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Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   What would you do if thousands of people in your towndied and everyone blamed you? If you were forced to see your family, friends andneighbors slip away and never return? Isaac Monroe Cline was faced with thesecruel realities when the deadliest hurricane in history struck Galveston, Texasone horrifying afternoon.

Isaac's Storm: A Man, A Time, and the DeadliestHurricane in History is not only about a man, but a monster that destroyedIsaac's home, family and way of life. On September 8, 1900 Isaac telegraphed theU.S. Weather Bureau to ask about a freak storm that seemed to be coming. He wastold not to alert the people of Galveston because it was a minor tropicaldepression and nothing to worry about. If Isaac had only known ... The death tollsurpasses 6,000 and Isaac must cope with his own excruciating loss.

Thisbook is a must for any weather fanatic. The description of the hurricane isunimaginable. Larson does an amazing job recounting this tragic day in U.S.history, whether describing a personal account or the unfolding path of thestorm.

I give this novel two very enthusiastic thumbs up. It is not onlypacked with nonstop excitement, but allows you to laugh, cry and explode withanger all at once. Not many stories can combine those emotions in one paragraph.

If you love severe storms, catastrophic losses and poignant farewellscenes, this book is definitely for you. I advise you to go to the bookstoreright now and purchase it, not only for a great read, but for a lifetime ofmemories.

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