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   Year after year I excitedly await opening day of baseballseason. I make a TV dinner and sit in the family room with my father to watch thegame. Pulses racing, we absorb the announcement of the starting lineup.

Iused to believe I was the only little girl in America with such an appreciationfor baseball. Then I read the autobiographical Wait Till Next Year. Doris KearnsGoodwin uses words to convey her thoughts and paints images of near perfection.Her sincerity shines through each vivid scene. Not only is her love of baseballapparent, but her incredible intelligence astounds me.

Goodwin is anamazingly courageous person. She endured the loss of her mother at a young age,and formed a strong bond with her father. Although I could not relate to the lossof her mother, I understood the bond with her father over baseball. Being soclose to her father greatly contributed to her love of the game. He taught herhow to use the scorecard, explained every rule in depth and took her to games. Heshowed her how to love baseball as more than a sport.

Growing up in NewYork, Goodwin was definitely part of a baseball town. Each part of the cityrooted for a different team; she was a Dodgers fan and never missed a pitch ofany game. Jackie Robinson once autographed her signature book, and I could seeDoris, the little girl, standing next to him, beaming. I felt the glow andexcitement as if it were my own.

Reading her book made me realize howmuch we have in common. I never thought anyone would understand my love forbaseball as a girl. Goodwin showed me, and others, that appreciation for the gametranscends age and gender.

After reading Wait Till Next Year, I knowGoodwin has a gift. She can actually show what she is writing about. She is anincredibly intelligent woman with a lot of spunk and love for life. She wasforced to realize quickly how precious life is, and conveys her beliefs toothers. She speaks to everyone through her amazing flow of words. I share manyinterests and views with Doris Kearns Goodwin, but she still taught me a lotabout life and living.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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i love this !
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