Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

January 22, 2010
Pride and Prejudice is perhaps the most critically acclaimed novel written by beloved 18th century author, Jane Austen. Austen is famous for her brilliant love stories involving many complications separating souls who were meant to be. Despite many obstacles throughout her novels, Austen’s characters always find a way to be with one another.

Pride and Prejudice was originally published it 1813 with many additional publications since. Despite its age, Pride and Prejudice continues to captivate young audiences due to the extremely unpredictable plot and compelling romance between Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.

This story takes place in 18th century England. During this particular period in time it was bellieved crucial for a young lady to marry a man of great wealth. The Bennet family, having five daughters and little money, took this belief to heart. When a wealthy gentleman by the name of Bingley moves into town Mrs. Bennet has high hopes that he will marry one of her daughters. She feels that he will probably be most attracted to her oldest daughter Jane, for she is the prettiest of all the girls.

When Mr. Bingley arrives in town, he brings along with him many others, among them is Mr. Darcy. At the town Ball most find it very strange that Mr. Darcy speaks to no one aside from those in his own party. Although Mr. Dary is of double the amount of fortune as Mr. Bingley, Mrs Bennet finds him to be quite atrotious, as do many others. Therefore she does not wish him to take interest in any of her daughters.

Meanwhile, just as Mrs. Bennet had predicted, Bingley and Jane have become extremely fond of one another. Jane travels to the Bingley estate for an outing. However, when she is soaked with oncoming rain, she becomes quite ill. Therefore, it is decided that she will retire at the estate until she becomes well enough to travel.

Elizabeth (Jane’s younger sister) travels to Bingley’s in order to nurse her sister back to health. It is during her stay that she begings to fall in love with Darcy. However, unlike mst girls, Eliza typically has no desire for love. The feeling is mutual. However, being that Elizabeth has made a solemn vowel unto herself that she shall always loathe Mr. Darcy due to his arrongance she does everything in her power to conceal her affection.

Likewise, Mr. Darcy feels that he could never love Elizabeth due to her inferior birth as well as his pre-arranged marrage to the daughter of Lady Catherine De’ Bourgh. Therefore neither must reveal their feelings.

Throughout the novel many numerous obstacles continue to draw the two apart, yet somehow closer together. Elizabeth will uncover many lies revealing Darcy’s true character. Will they serve on his behalf or against him? The true question though, is whether Darcy and Elizabeth will overcome the ever so challenging obstacles of pride and prejudice or accept their pre-determined fate.

Although this novel has several points at which I felt like drifting off due to a vast amount of boredom, it was well worth the read. I do feel however that this novel is very limited to a select group of individuals who are particularly fond of 18th century novels.

Despite a differnce of nearly two centuries in age, this novel does a tremendous job of relating to simular obstacles today. It clearly proves that Austens writing was far ahead of her time. This novel will also allow you to evaluate your own life in a whole new perspective that you would otherwise never have seen. Overall I found it to be a tremendous read.

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TheHandThatWieldsThePen said...
May 13, 2010 at 8:19 am
Love this book!
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