Historical Fiction by Karen Hesse

January 22, 2010
By Anonymous

This book for some type of reason intrigued me. It informed me on and other readers of some of the vicious acts of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). The KKK was a group of people who wanted everyone to basically be like them. Whites and non Christians. This book made me believe that racism really was in effect in the 1920’s.
The main characters in this novel are Leanora Sutter, Esther Hirsh, Merlin van Tornhout, and Johnny reeves. Leanora was a young black girl who was mixed in between with all of the racism. Esther, a young Jewish girl, befriends Leanora and enjoy themselves. Until one night a man hired by the KKK was sent to poison their well with gave many water. So he traveled there by his self at night. But then he couldn’t do it when he got there and he left. The KKK never heard from him since then. He also knew the KKK was after him once they found out he didn’t do it. It also involved a minister who basically preached what he felt was right and a lot of his followers. It showed how black ministers coped with racism in the south during the 1920’s.

I liked this book better than most of the other books I read because it may not be real but it seems real. I didn’t get lost in it either because I like poetry and the book was in some type of poetry like format. I recommend this book to anyone who likes poetry-like historical fiction books.

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teacher told me to.

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