Akbar & Jeff's Guide To Life MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Matt Groening (rhymes with "complaining") has created another book for those of us who choose to take a different look at the lives that we are currently living. His books on Life in Hell are the funniest thing to have hit the real comic book market in some time. We are once again introduced to the other Life in Hell characters: Binky, Bongo, Sheba, and, of course, Akbar and Jeff.

In this most recent book of Groening's, you get everything from "Akbar and & Jeff's Liposuction Hut" and "Hell on Ice," to "Did You Just Throw A Rock At Me?" and "Akbar & Jeff's Airport Snack Bar." As the Washington Post puts it, "Meet Akbar & Jeff, the befezzed duo whose entrepreneurial energies would put Donald Trump to shame." What more can I say? Just buy the book; oh yeah, and if you have any extra bucks, buy the other books as well: School is Hell, Love is Hell, Work is Hell, and Childhood is Hell. n

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