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   Every day I go to my mailbox with the anticipation of a new adventure. What will happen today? Will there be as exciting an adventure as yesterday? Or will it be some sort of insight into the human? These and other questions fly through my mind as I open to the comics. Calvin and Hobbes, written and illustrated by Bill Watterson, has become many people's favorite daily comic. And for good reason. Other than the retired Far Side, I personally feel that this is the only comic worth reading.

Calvin and Hobbes is a strip about a six-year-old boy, Calvin, and his stuffed companion, Hobbes. But Hobbes isn't a normal stuffed animal. He comes to life when he's alone with Calvin. His sense of humor and logic go hand in hand with Calvin's mischief and sarcasm. Together they are an unbeatable source of amusement and laughter. But besides the wit, Calvin and Hobbes have a deep philosophical side that deals with political, moral, and environmental issues. The perfect mix of the two has made Calvin and Hobbes very popular with comic aficionados.

Being an avid Calvin and Hobbes fan, and owner of several Calvin and Hobbes books, I must say that once you've looked at the world through Calvin's eyes and a stuffed tiger, you'll never want to come back to reality

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