Shane MAG

By Carson K., Monticello, IL

Shane, a well-written classic that takes place in Wyoming during the 1800s, will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Shane, a man with a mysterious past, rides into the Starretts’ farm and accepts an offer of food, water and rest. He is a man of medium build, dark skin, and a thin, tight face, his body as hard as steel. But his fancy clothes, uncommon in a farm community, catch their eye the most. He is clearly a gunslinger, but something in his past keeps him from wearing a gun.
The town wonders about him, especially when he ends up working as a farm hand for the Starretts. Trouble comes when Fletcher, a cattle rancher, tries to take farmers’ land for his cattle. When Fletcher hires a gunslinger to “convince" the farmers to back down, only Shane can stop him. But will he?
Shane is a wonderfully written story that depicts the conflict between farmers and ranchers over land. With its interesting characters and nail-biting plot, this novel will not disappoint. I recommend it to anyone who likes Westerns and classic novels.

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